Amazing Find in Uralla

Amazing Find In Uralla Store….

I love to wander around Uralla in my spare time to see what new and exciting things I can discover amongst Uralla’s abundance of unique art, antique and speciality shops. This was so a couple of Sundays ago when decided to visit ‘Little Birdie’, and meander through the Aladdin’s Cave of individual stalls provided by local artists and antique dealers. I took my time examining the unusual and interesting bits and bobs.

As I was leaving, out of the corner of my eye caught a glint of an unusually shaped ornate obJect coated ‘n a green patina, so I doubled back to see what it was. On closer inspection, I could determine from the decorative value that it was Chinese, old and made out of metal. But what was it??

That afternoon I was meeting Kent at the Museum to discuss the additions to the Chinese exhibition that was currently being installed and mentioned that I had a really good feeling that the object was relevant to our collection.
He was curious and wasted no time in going to check it out. later that afternoon, I received a very enthusiastic phone call from Kent to let me know that he believed we had discovered a very significant artefact, a lost treasure, and that it was a Chinese Jue (ritual wine warming vessel) completely relevant to our Chinese collection! by MELISSAH NORRIS
with footnote by Kent Mayo.

Kent continues the story .

Thanks to Melissah’s tip-off, I went immediately to “Little Birdie”. (I’m rather fond of the Chinese proverb: “There are two times. Now. And too late.”
The piece Melissah had spotted was a weird looking jug of cast bronze, about 30cm high. The tag, next to a very hefty price, read “Chinese Jue, from Tingha”.
Birdina (“Little Birdie”) was most helpful, as always. (What an asset to Uralla that place is. Who’d ever have imagined that grotty old Motor Workshop and Tyre shop would morph into something so colourful and exciting?!)


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