Uralla’s Post Code is 2358 and thus the only town in all of Australia that fits the amazing Fibonacci number series: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 etc.

Due to the series of unfortunate interruptions to normalcy in Uralla (and elsewhere) the brilliant and unique Uralla 2358 Fibonacci Discovery Park Project has been put on the backburner.

Some of us have fought hard over several years to keep the space, currently known as “Pioneer Park”, available for Fibonacci.  What a prime location for this stunning installation.

Local MP, Adam Marshall, in 2018 pledged his enthusiastic support for the concept, but stipulated that it needed to be proposed by Uralla Shire Council who would then have to be the applicant for funding.

Mr Marshall has just announced the “Public Spaces Legacy Program”, with grant funding of $2 million available to Uralla Shire Council.

What a golden opportunity! Or for those in the thrall of Fibonacci, what a Golden Ratio Opportunity!

The idea of this very special Park has been floating around in Uralla for some years, but a visit from the master mosaic artist Guy Crossley turned the notions into something more concrete – literally .

Who is Guy Crossley?  He is the artist responsible for the fascinating 30m long mosaic installation in the main street at Nambucca Heads, two mosaics at Dorrigo (one in the main street, the other at the Rainforest Centre), and for many other mosaics in the North Coast region.

Apart from his brilliant designs and eye for detail, Guy’s forte is community involvement in the making of public art.  This will be the underpinning principle of the huge work in Uralla.  All in Uralla will have the opportunity to proudly boast, “I helped make that!”

All we have to do is convince Council to adopt this as a project, agree to oversee it, apply for the funding, and thereby put Uralla on everyone’s “must visit list”. The only community Fibonacci Park in the world!

I urge you to write a strong letter of support for this unique project to Ms Kate Jessep, General Manager, Uralla Shire Council, and encourage our elected Councillors to demonstrate their enthusiasm!  

by Kent Mayo


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