Traditional Anaiwan People

The Anaiwan are Aboriginal Australian people whose traditional territory spans the Northern Tablelands in New South Wales. The Anaiwan people are a subgroup of the Djangadi tribe.

The geography, land and climate is central to the story of the Anaiwan and includes the broader New England area consisting of the Tablelands and the rivers that flow to the north, south, east and west. East to West is the humid coastal zone that ends in the escarpment from which the Tablelands slope gradually to the west becoming the plains. North-south, both the humid coastal zone and the western slopes and plains are broken up by a series of river valleys. Climate varies east to west and, to a lesser extent, north to south.


The echidna is the Totem of the Anaiwan and Banbai people. It is named iwata in the Nganyaywana language of the Anaiwan people who are traditional owners of Mt Duval/Armidale region and kukra in Banbai language of the neighbouring Banbai people from the Guyra region.

It features in rock art around Guyra and is commonly seen in the New England Tablelands. Some Aboriginal groups have eaten and continue to eat the echidna, it is a valued food source across Aboriginal communities throughout Australia.

Our McCrossin’s Mill Museum pays Tribute To The Anaiwan with an exhibit that reflects a pre-contact existence.

Anaiwan Language Revival Program

Daŋgana ndaga? Nyaŋa ndaga waŋan? [How are you? What brings you here?]

We are compiling the Anaiwan Language Knowledge Books that will include a comprehensive Dictionary. Please support our Anaiwan Language Revival Program.

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